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Bonaveri is an Italian manufacturer of artistic mannequins and bust forms used by leading fashion brands, department stores and museums.

Setting the standard for 'Made In Italy'

Bonaveri is a world-leading manufacturer of Italian mannequins and bust forms for the global visual merchandising, fashion and retail industry. The company was started in 1950 by Romano Bonaveri and continues to offer the very best of Italian designed mannequins and bust forms.

The Bonaveri family of mannequin and bust form collections are divided into 4 main categories: Bonaveri, Schläppi, Sartorial and B By Bonaveri.

Each collection offers something unique and each is created with the highest degree of craftsmanship and design.

They continue to innovate in the industry, offering elegant poses and technologically and environmentally superior products that outlast their competitors. A Bonaveri product retains classical Italian styling that never goes out of fashion!

ABOUT Bonaveri

Bonaveri was founded in 1950 in Italy and is a globally recognised leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of mannequins. 

The Bonaveri headquarters is located in Northern Italy where craftsmen and artisans come together to create amazing products.

Bonaveri DETAILS

Via Salvi 3
Renazzo di Cento (Ferrara)

Phone: +39.051.6832011
Fax: +39.051.6836823
Email: [email protected]

Bonaveri Products

bonaveri bnatural sustainable mannequins

BNatural Sustainable Mannequins

bonaveri junior collection

Bonaveri Junior Collection

Bonaveri Bust Forms

Charm Bust Forms

classical 05

Classical Bust Forms

compuline cover

Compuline Bust Forms

bonaveri fashion model mannequin collection 01

Fashion Model Collection

Fashion Mannequin Collection 4

Fashion Mannequin Collection 4 | Urban Male

sartorial bust forms

Sartorial Collection


Sartorial Men


Sartorial Women


Schläppi 2000 | 3200

schlappi 2200 3000 mannequins featured image

Schläppi 2200


Schläppi 2500 | 2600


Schläppi 2800 | 3800


Schläppi 3000


Schläppi 3500

4000 cover

Schläppi 4000 Junior


Schläppi 6000 | Aloof

schlappi aloof bust form by bonaveri 01

Schläppi 6000 | Bust Forms


Schläppi 7000 | Noble

tribe mannequins 16

Tribe Mannequins

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