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Fashion Mannequin Collection 4 | Urban Male

An edgy, young urban inspired Bonaveri Male and Female mannequin collection

Fashion Mannequin Collection 4 is an urban-inspired, young and edgy male and female mannequin collection. This is one of the few collections offered by Bonaveri featuring headless, artistic or realistic heads. The collection is available in a number of leg and arm positions and has both male and female sitting positions.

The Female collection features 5 different head types including an artistic head and 4 realistic heads. Arm positions are available for carrying handbags.

The FMC4 male collection features a walking position and offers poses for carrying jackets, shoulder bags and hands in pocket poses.

FINISHES: Fabric, Painted (Matt or Gloss), Raw Finish

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Bonaveri is a leading designer and manufacturer of abstract and anatomical mannequins and bust forms. Made In Italy.