Bonaveri is an Italian manufacturer of artistic mannequins and bust forms. Blue Studio supplies Bonaveri & Schläppi products to the UK market direct from their production facility in Cento, Italy.

Bonaveri was started in 1950 by Romano Bonaveri, an immensely talented sculptor and artist, who established a business that very early on became a world leader in the art of mannequin design. Today under the leadership of his sons, Bonaveri creates a diverse and classic mannequin and bust form collection that is renowned for its quality of design and manufacturing.

sartorial-women-collection 04
Sartorial Women
sartorial men 03
Sartorial Men
Bonaveri Bust Forms
Charm Bust Forms
sartorial bust forms
Sartorial Collection
classical 05
Classical Bust Forms
compuline cover
Compuline Bust Forms
Schläppi 7000 | Noble
Schläppi 6000 | Aloof
4000 cover
Schläppi 4000 Junior
Schläppi 3500
Schläppi 3000
Schläppi 2800 | 3800
Schläppi 2500 | 2600
schlappi 2200 3000 mannequins featured image
Schläppi 2200
Schläppi 2000 | 3200
bonaveri junior collection
Bonaveri Junior Collection
schlappi aloof bust form by bonaveri 01
Schläppi 6000 | Bust Forms
bonaveri bnatural sustainable mannequins
BNatural Sustainable Mannequins
bonaveri fmc04 urban mannequins03
Fashion Mannequin Collection 4 | Urban Male
bonaveri fashion model mannequin collection 01
Fashion Mannequin Collection 08
tribe mannequins 06
Tribe Mannequins