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belt display

Belt Display

bonaveri bnatural sustainable mannequins

BNatural Sustainable Mannequins

box_display cover

Box Displays

Bonaveri Bust Forms

Charm Bust Forms

classical 05

Classical Bust Forms

compuline cover

Compuline Bust Forms

eyewear display

Eyewear Display

bonaveri fashion model mannequin collection 01

Fashion Mannequin Collection 08

Fashion Mannequin Collection 4

Fashion Mannequin Collection 4 | Urban Male

handbag display

Handbag Display

hat_display cover

Hat Display

jewellery display

Jewellery Display

sartorial bust forms

Sartorial Collection

sartorial men 03

Sartorial Men

sartorial-women-collection 04

Sartorial Women


Schläppi 2000 | 3200


Schläppi 2500 | 2600


Schläppi 2800 | 3800


Schläppi 3000


Schläppi 3500


Schläppi 6000 | Aloof

schlappi aloof bust form by bonaveri 01

Schläppi 6000 | Bust Forms


Schläppi 7000 | Noble


Shoe Display

sign_display cover

Sign Displays

standing_display cover

Standing Display



tribe mannequins 06

Tribe Mannequins

unico_metal cover

Unico Metal

unico white collection

Unico White

unico_wood_ash cover

Unico Wood – Ash

unico_wood_walnut cover

Unico Wood – Walnut

wallet_display cover

Wallet Display

Blue Studio supplies visual merchandising products for fashion designers and retailers, museums, galleries and department stores. The Blue Studio visual merchandising collection includes Bonaveri and Schläppi mannequins and bust forms and Ec Studio fashion accessory displays.

Our visual merchandising products are all manufactured in Italy by designers, sculptors and artists that have refined the craft of sculptural display. Each product is manufactured to a high specification for use in high traffic retail environments. The design DNA of our products ensures that the investment you make in a Bonaveri or Ec Studio product endures. Whilst fashion seasons come and go, our collections last the test of time.

Download copies of our collection catalogues from the page below.

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